I’m leaving for SXSW in 7 hours.

I’m fortunate to be traveling with my great friends in Ease the Medic this week.  I get to fill-in on their guitar parts and open the shows as Winter Makes Sailors.  We play MO, AK, OK, and TX this week.  I’m pretty excited.

Jake Remley worked his ass off this week to get me the latest mixes of the record, which I plan to title “Moving On.”  I put a cd together that includes 19 songs.I’m taking 100 cd’s with me.  I just finished making them.  Wait…no…I have to “finish” them on the way to St. Louis.  I still haven’t packed or practiced my set.  Ridiculous.  Oh well.  Once in Austin, I’m excited to hang with my buddy Kevin from L.A., my dudes Milagres and Madison Square Gardeners from Brooklyn this week.   They are all friends doing exciting things.  I’m excited to see Tim Easton and Damien Jurado play as well.

Hit me up if you’re going to be there too.

I will miss my beautiful wife and oh so soft cat this week however.  I love you guys.



Recording update

So, we knocked out the keys, bass, 2nd guitars, some vocals over the weekend. This morning we began Kang’s mystical lap steel parts. He’s recording with my ’59 Fender lap steel. It sounds pretty incredible. We’re going to try to finish up those parts and some violin melodies tomorrow.

The record I’ve been meaning to record for 5 years is nearly complete. The band’s parts are pretty much down…then the fun begins.  God, I’m excited.

SXSW TOUR with Ease the Medic, She Bears, Saturday Giant

Sun Mar 13 – Chestnutt House? – Louisville, KY
Mon Mar 14 – The Way Out Club – St. Louis, MO*
Tue Mar 15 – Rogue Pizza Compnay – Fayetteville, AR*
Wed Mar 16 – SXSW – Vincent’s House – Austin, TX
Fri Mar 18 – Deep Elm SXSW Showcase – Sabrina’s House – Austin, TX
Sat Mar 19 – Sauced, Oklahoma City, OK

Adam of Ease the Medic can’t make the trip so I’m learning his guitar parts and joining the shows as Winter Makes Sailors